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Inside A 21’, Half-Ton, $1.5M Bulletproof Vest

A twin-turbo V12, steel-plated body armor and posh leather seats combine to create a rather unique ride.

While the size of the market seeking a vehicle that’s equal parts unquestionable luxury and impenetrable security bunker might be limited, these individual’s demands are such that what the latest Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Guard S-Class limousine will certainly lack in sales volume, it will more than compensate for in total revenue potential.

Although adding body armor doesn’t detract from passenger amenities like individual climate controls, adjustable foot rests and plush leather seating, it does add weight.

So in addition to negatively impacting fuel performance – something I’m sure every corporate billionaire, world leader or entertainer looking to make it rain is certainly worried about – the bigger reality is that the use of steel plates on the sides and floor, non-Kevlar-brand high-strength fabrics, and polycarbonate-backed windows mean the vehicle tops out at about 12,000 pounds.

This extra weight demands additional power, with the Pullman Guard utilizing a twin-turbo V12 pumping out 530 horsepower and 612 ft.-lbs. of torque. Accommodating these extra security features also meant adding about three feet to the body, which now comes in a slight 21’ long.

The Pullman Guard’s top speed is a paparazzi-burning 99 mph.

Back to the security features, its VR9 protection class standard means you’re good if anyone’s lobbing fragmentation grenades, foolish enough to bother with a hand gun, or comes at you with an automatic rifle south of Jesse Ventura’s helicopter gun from Predator.

Optional features even include sirens, flashing lights, two-way radios, an emergency starter battery, and a loudspeaker system, which could be handy in navigating around those not capable of shelling out $1.56 million for the fully loaded model.

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