Luxury Automaker Unveils Bulletproof SUV

It can also shoot pepper spray and deploy blinding light.

Luxury automaker Rezvani has unveiled its latest model, Vengeance, a seven-seater SUV with some highly militarized features.

The vehicle, which starts at $249,000, includes features like leather seats, a heated steering wheel and hands-free driving in its base package.

But the Military Package, which adds on another $95,000, includes a lot of features that would come in handy on a battlefield.

The package includes bulletproof glass and body armor, underside explosive protection, a smoke screen and electrified door handles.

The package also throws in run flat tires, thermal night vision, electronic pulse protection and a steel bumper suitable for ramming.

Some of the more offense-minded features in the package include a pepper spray dispenser and blinding lights.

In case that’s still not enough, the Vengeance can also add on a custom-made rifle compartment and a center console safe.

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