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New Tools Have Changed Engineering & Manufacturing

Modeling software has been improving the workflow since the 1960s.

Modeling software has been improving the workflow since the 1960s, when William Fetter coined the term "computer graphics" as he was trying to create a better way to layout cockpits for Boeing. Since its inception, modeling software has continued to revolutionize the workflow.

Today, modeling tools are more powerful than ever before, and at the same time, they're becoming easier to use, so even a relative novice can create, edit, and repair new part geometries.

In this episode of IEN Live, David Mantey, Editorial Director of Digital Media at IEN, speaks with Roman Walsh, Product Manager of ANSYS SpaceClaim, a CAD neutral tool that improves product design and development, accelerates time-to-market, and increases efficiencies in product production.

In this interview, they discuss: 

  • How much work typically goes into a part.
  • The disconnect between engineering and manufacturing
  • The impact 3D printing has had on design and manufacturing, and how more powerful software tools fit into that equation.
  • How SpaceClaim 3D modeling software improves reverse engineering, design, 3D printing, manufacturing, and simulation β€” this includes specific application examples.
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