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Update Streamlines CAD-CAM Functions

There are over 20 new CAD features that focus on streamlining the process.

Cam Part Design

BobCAD-CAM (Clearwater, FL) a leading CAD-CAM software provider, recently released V31. Features and upgrades include:

  • A new user interface with a modern ribbon bar that allows functions to be more easily discovered through better grouping.
  • New features for designing and machining that benefit 2-5 axis job shop manufacturers.
  • Enhanced CAD functionality provides multiple creation methods from a single feature with a selection manager that aids in the design process. There are over 20 new CAD features in V31 that focus on streamlining the process.
  • Construction lines can be toggled on and off to assist with finding horizontal and vertical lines, tangencies, intersections and more.
  • Five dynamic cut patterns, including Morph Spiral, that can reduce or eliminate direct link moves. Users can also utilize Offset-in, delivering an initial pass away from the finished wall.
  • Control of the toolā€™s starting location provides improved control and precision.

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