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KEYPROD Announces New Features to Strengthen Capabilities of Production Monitoring Solution

The company revealed three newly integrated features.

Kp Keyprod Resize

Software provider KEYPROD, a subsidiary of JPB Système, has announced new efficiency-enhancing features to its production monitoring solution, which enables manufacturers of all sizes and from any sector to reduce machine downtime.

The user-friendly cloud-based KEYPROD connects, tracks and measures the effectiveness of all elements of the manufacturing process, including existing software, machinery and associated applications. 

This provides a consolidated real-time vision of production operations to analyze different quality and performance indicators, such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The newly integrated features of the updated KEYPROD, comprise:

  • A Global Loss Analysis Dashboard, which offers manufacturers a comprehensive breakdown of inefficiencies and production losses. By analyzing performance data, KEYPROD identifies the various sources of losses, such as machine failures, micro-stoppages or defects. This targeted insight enables corrective action to optimize OEE, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • An innovative new alert system, which allows operators to respond instantly to production anomalies. Real-time notifications enable swift intervention to prevent minor issues from escalating, ensuring production continuity and enhancing team responsiveness to unforeseen events.
  • An advanced planning feature transforms factory operations to analyze historical and current data. This results in more accurate and adaptive production scheduling, optimized workflows, reduced production lead times and improved on-time delivery.

KEYPROD’s plug-and-play KEYNETIC and KEYVIBE devices can be magnetized to production machines and easily installed in less than 10 minutes without necessitating machine downtime or cable connections. The scalable web platform also adapts to changing industry needs by incorporating new technologies over time. This adaptability makes it an advanced and flexible solution, rarely matched by competitor products. 

Plans for further development of KEYPROD are already underway, with a new advanced maintenance system integrated into the KEYPROD roadmap. This module promises to further revolutionize preventive maintenance by leveraging predictive analytics to anticipate machine needs, thereby preventing unplanned downtime and prolonging equipment lifespan.

Moreover, KEYPROD will soon be equipped with an enhanced information feedback system, enhancing its adaptability to any industrial configuration.

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