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Additive Manufacturing Software a $3.7B Market by 2027

That's compared to about $460 million this year.

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SmarTech Analysis has just released its first study of the additive manufacturing software segment since its pioneer report in 2017. The new report, “Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing Software Markets 2020,” indicates that AM software revenues will reach $3.7 billion in 2027 compared with about $460 million this year. 

AM software has become more sophisticated and is an integral part of the world’s leading CAD/CAM and PLM software platforms. As the result of these trends AM software has increased dramatically in value from expectations in 2017. 


This new report focuses on the future of additive manufacturing software functions, which are centered around process simulation, intelligent design optimization, and the rapidly expanding world of additive manufacturing execution systems. It also provides an analysis of the current state of the market showing how AM software is now growing well beyond the somewhat niche-like status it once occupied. 

The report includes a comprehensive market sizing and ten-year market forecast with breakouts by:

  1. Software tool type
  2. Adopting end-user industry
  3. Opportunities for software by additive technology segment for both polymer and metals

From the Report: 

  • Additive manufacturing software solutions will play a pivotal role in realizing and expanding the vision for AM. Over the past three years AM software has evolved to the point where it is actively improving manufacturing outcomes for many AM users through better connectivity and cohesion of solution in design, manufacturing and execution.
  • This post COVID-19 period will see software deployed as never before to integrate AM technologies into manufacturing to restore order in manufacturing industries, to diversify supply chains and provide a backstop against uncertainty for companies who have grown reliant on Asia for manufacturing.
  • Once the premiere software product and home to cutting-edge additive software functionalities, the traditional print preparation software tool is now moving down market as data preparation steps like slicing, STL fixing, support structure and orientation strategy, and other preparative steps are being integrated into other areas of the AM software chain. This means that products such as Materialise Magics, Autodesk Netfabb, 3D Systems 3DXpert, and others, while still remaining popular, will begin to see increased pricing pressure and lower utilization rates as users are able to achieve many of the core preparatory functions from other more tightly integrated programs.
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