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User Solutions Joins COVID Fight with Production Scheduling Software

The software is available to any manufacturer repurposing production lines in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

User Solutions joined the fight against COVID-19.
User Solutions joined the fight against COVID-19.
User Solutions

SOUTH LYON, Mich. -- User Solutions, a producer of production scheduling software systems, now offers its production scheduling and inventory system, Resource Manager for Excel (RMX), free of charge to manufacturers temporarily repurposing their production lines in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, User Solutions will provide free training and basic implementation to further hasten the pace to manufacture COVID-19 related products.

RMX will enable manufacturers to quickly (within a few hours) utilize the full range of functionality needed to reschedule operations to deliver COVID-19 relevant products. This will be achieved without having to waste resources and manpower temporarily altering their ERP and production scheduling systems and then converting them back to their original workflows and operations.

“We have come to appreciate what is involved with supporting a sudden conversion to a new product with all new bills of resources: labor, work centers and bills of materials. We would be thrilled to play an instrumental role in helping manufacturers that are changing gears to produce COVID-19 related products by saving them time and substantial costs through the use of our RMX,” says Jim Convis, President of User Solutions.

During COVID-19 product conversions, manufacturers can benefit from RMX’s Bill of Resource (BOR) – a revolutionary concept that combines the routings with the bills of material so that they are scheduled concurrently. This enables RMX to provide two desperately needed functions: bringing stability to a manufacturer’s supply chain by quoting accurate delivery of both quantity and date, and establishing and optimizing a realistic supply chain from their new vendors.

Since RMX can be rapidly implemented and configured to support production line conversions and schedules in the fight against the coronavirus, manufacturers big and small can quickly move to action whether the need is more masks, ventilators, gowns, or gloves .

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