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BlackBerry Unveils Jarvis for Cybersecurity

Borrowing the name from Tony Stark's AI platform in the comics, BlackBerry feels the new platform could be a game-changer for manufacturers.

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BlackBerry Limited recently unveiled BlackBerry Jarvis, a cloud-based software platform focused on industrial cybersecurity. Initially designed for automakers and their increasingly complex software supply chain, Jarvis uses a static binary code scanning solution that identifies vulnerabilities in software. These scans deliver actionable insights that currently, according to the company, require large teams of experts.

BlackBerry states that the auto industry's need for Jarvis stems from an onslaught of new and complex software programs required for more autonomous applications. Additionally, modern vehicles rely on hundreds of software components, many of which are written by an expansive network of third party suppliers. This distributed supply chain offers many advantages while also increasing opportunities for human error.

Jarvis is being positioned as a way to realize complete and near real-time views into the security posture of a vehicleโ€™s entire code base, along with insights for possibly predicting and repairing vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance and staying a step ahead of hackers.

Jarvis will be offered on a pay-as-you-go basis with highly customized functionality based on an OE's specific software supply chain. Once initiated, automakers will have online access and can scan any number of binary files at every stage of software development, including new software under consideration and in development. The results are then available via customized dashboards.

BlackBerry has already begun trialing Jarvis with automakers.that include Jaguar Land Rover. Additional information on BlackBerry Jarvis can be found at

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