CMMS Software Marketing Opportunities

Industrial Media offers the largest reach into the North American manufacturing sector, reaching both process and discrete manufacturing. Our engaged users include C-Level, Plant Management, IT, Procurement, Sales/Marketing and finance titles. Some upcoming custom lead-gen programs focused on CMMS include:

  • Tapping into the Machine Whisperer

Every day plant floors across the country lose an immeasurable amount of maintenance data as experienced technicians and engineers move on or retire. We’ll provide best practices on how the proper implementation and use of a CMMS can capture all this organic knowledge and preserve process data that saves time and money while minimizing downtime.

  • Your CMMS as a Cost Savings Center

Data-driven maintenance strategies offer a number of inherent benefits. We’ll count down the top ways that data captured by your CMMS can help preserve profits by better managing time, inventory and talent.

  • The Cure for Equipment Downtime

The negative impacts of equipment downtime – scheduled or unscheduled – is one of the biggest challenges in developing a successful maintenance strategy. And perhaps the greatest weapons at a maintenance engineer’s disposal are their CMMS and the data is houses. We’ll examine the best ways to utilize a CMMS in limiting equipment downtime, and the profit-sapping realities it creates.

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