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Masks Are Getting Weird

Many making their own masks have a creative itch to scratch.


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a number of problems, most notably within the safety gear supply chain. Personal protective equipment remains in short supply and many people have more time on their hands as well as a creative itch to scratch born out of necessity. 

As a result, many have started to make their own masks, and they are getting weird:

  • Design Studio WeWantMore is cutting up old shoes to make masks, repurposing everything from Nike Jordans to old Adidas kicks.
  • Designer Zhijun Wang turned IKEA's shopping bags into a face mask.
  • Sum Studio designers grew a bacterial cellulose face mask in their kitchen. Sure, it’s sustainable, but it also looks like skin.

And some settle for a simple Strawberry Shortcake bandanna.

We want to know what you’re sporting. Let’s see those masks.

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