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Bear Wanders into TN Plant

Time for a new security system.

With today’s hiring frenzy in manufacturing, it’s not uncommon to see an unfamiliar face show up during your shift now and again. What is uncommon, is if the “new guy or gal” lives in some low-lying brush deep in the woods, LOVES honey and cruises in on all fours.

A spokeswoman for the Denso manufacturing facility in Maryville, Tennessee has confirmed that a black bear was spotted inside the plant around 9:30pm Tuesday night.

Man, that skills gap. It’s like they’ll bring in anyone for an interview nowadays.

The bear sighting prompted the company to send a text warning to workers asking them to exercise caution in and around the building and secure any open doors. By time police arrived, the bear had let itself out without incident but everyone remained guarded against the possibility it could return.

And it did – the next day – but The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRF) was ready this time. The bear, estimated to be about 400 pounds, was hit with a tranquilizer dart and relocated to the Cherokee National Forest, unharmed.

An expert at the local zoo told news station WVLT that these bears are fresh off hibernation and likely hungry. He said the bear was probably attracted to the smell of a dumpster that was left open or, perhaps, some “peanut butter crackers in the break room.”

Authorities said they believe the bear had been accustomed to eating human food “because of its size and shape.” Really? Denso bear has had an emotional week. Do we really need to fat shame him on top of it?

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