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NAM: Americans Need to Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Association says fight is far from over.

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WASHINGTON – Following the Food and Drug Administration’s emergency authorization for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons released the following statement: 

“America’s biopharmaceutical manufacturers have a long history of first-in-the-world research that has yielded amazing results, leading to the eradication of the worst epidemics our country has faced. Today’s remarkable announcement will hopefully go down as yet another lifechanging development, and we are looking forward to future successful clinical trials and FDA approvals, hopefully in the near future. 

“While science has a strong hand in eliminating vexing diseases, it is the people behind the vaccine who are to be heralded today—the innovative scientists, the lab workers, the doctors, the nurses and the thousands of volunteers who stepped up to the plate to trial this groundbreaking vaccine. 

“But the fight is far from over. Americans need to roll up their sleeves, take the shots in the arm and recognize that it’s our innovation and our actions aimed at the greater good that will put a stop to this pandemic. That’s the obligation we have thanks to the gifts of freedom and free enterprise that have been bestowed on us.”

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