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False Power Claims Lead to Tesla Lawsuit

The suit alleges false advertising in delivering vehicles that fall short of the promised horsepower.

When it comes to its U.S. customers, Tesla’s production issues have led to disappointing them before they even receive their vehicle.Balancing things out, in Norway Elon Musk’s company is developing a track record of frustrating owners after the vehicle has been delivered.

Last week 80 Tesla Model S owners in Norway filed a suit against the carmaker for misleading advertising, saying their electric cars failed to deliver the 522KW of power they were promised. In reality, the vehicle owners claim their P85D sedans offer 350KW of power. This equates to a difference of about 230 horsepower.

The group is seeking compensation similar to another group of 133 Norwegian Tesla owners who sued the company in December 2016. Although the exact performance issues were not made public, this group also raised concerns over their Teslas providing less power than they were promised. 

Tesla offered this group the choice of $8,600 in refunds or updated equipment for their vehicles. 

Tesla has not commented on the current suit, but you have to believe it will be a priority. 

Generous government subsidies aimed at increasing non-gasoline transportation and eliminating vehicle emissions throughout the country by 2025 has made Norway one of the top markets for electric cars in the world. 

Currently, it trails only the U.S., China and Japan in sales of light-duty electric vehicles, but has the highest concentration of electric cars, based on population. In 2016 nearly one-third of all vehicles sold in the country were EVs and 10 percent of global sales of new all-electric vehicles take place in Norway.

And as recently as last month, Tesla sold a record 1,861 vehicles in Norway, nearly tripling its sales from a year prior.

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