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Utility Faces $5M Fine Over Fake Supporters

The company paid actors to speak on behalf of the new power plant.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A panel of New Orleans City Council members will vote this week on a proposed $5 million penalty for a utility company.

Thursday's vote arises from the discovery that paid actors spoke on behalf of a new power plant that Entergy New Orleans plans for the city.

Investigators found last year that the utility "knew or should have known" that some who spoke at public hearings were paid to support the project.

The resolution to be voted on by the council's Utility Committee allows the plant project to go forward. It requires a commitment from Entergy to seek ways to enhance plant efficiency and reduce emissions.

Entergy hasn't commented but elements of the resolution, including the $5 million payment, were outlined in a Jan. 30 settlement offer from the company.

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