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Reebok Unveils Plant-Based Sneakers

A new trend for 2020? Vegan shoes.

In summary:

  • The plant-based craze has been dominating the food market all year, as major restaurant chains add meatless menu items.
  • According to CNN Business, the new plant-based trend for 2020 will be “vegan” athletic shoes.
  • Recently, Adidas-owned brand Reebok unveiled the Floatride GROW, its first plant-based running shoe.
  • The upper is comprised of eucalyptus, supported by natural rubber and caster bean soles.
  • Reebok brand president Matt O'Toole told CNN Business that this was the first of Reebok’s vegan shoes designed to withstand the intense use by athletes.
  • He contends this new shoe “holds up just as well as our other [athletic] shoes."
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