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Update: Samsung Exec Reports on Redesigned Fold

These $2,000 phones hit the market in September after test devices were yanked due to quality concerns.

Update: When IEN first published this story, we reported that Samsung had sold a million Fold phones to date. Samsung later clarified that the Samsung President Young Sohn misspoke, and that the company hasn't, in fact, sold a million Fold phones. The story is being updated to reflect this new information.

In summary:

  • When Samsung first unveiled its foldable smart phone in April, the market was skeptical.
  • Besides the design being untested waters, the first Samsung Folds were plagued with problems like cracking screens.
  • The company redesigned the Fold and relaunched it in September.
  • Recently, Samsung President Young Sohn suggested launching the product for review was key to getting the kind of feedback the company required to perfect it.
  • If it were kept in the labs, they wouldn’t get the input they needed.
  • TechCrunch senior editor Matt Burns asked Young if the company was comfortable selling a “beta device” for $2,000.
  • Young said yes, and that the current sales figures justify the approach.
  • Samsung hopes to sell 6 million Folds in 2020.
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