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Chevy Goes Old School with Electric Hot Rod

The E-10 has 450 horsepower and a zero-to-60 time of five seconds, thanks to two 400-volt batteries.

Chevrolet’s electric E-10 pickup truck concept is borrowing the body style of their 1962 C-10 model in reaching out to the hot rod community. The E-10 has 450 horsepower, a zero-to-60 time of five seconds, and a quarter-mile time in the high-13 second range. This power comes from two 400-volt batteries. 

Described by the automaker as the "future of hot-rodding", it mixes classic body styling with an electric drivetrain. It also features the “Connect and Cruise” electric powertrain. Called eCrate — the kit comes with batteries and an automatic transmission in appealing to those looking to customize their EV. 

Many components are original to the Bolt, a car which offers half the power of the E-10. 

Three speakers offer the option of projecting a simulated engine sound. The E-10 also has LED head and tail lamps, as well as digital displays for the electric system in the instrument panel. 

Chevy sees the concept as key in generating an increased level of interest for their electric vehicle offerings.

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