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Details Emerge on Mustang-Inspired Crossover

The move stems from steady growth in SUVs, and Ford's decision to eliminate a number of passenger cars.

Back in April Ford made headlines after announcing that it was discontinuing all but two passenger car models over the next four years

The move stems primarily from a growing interest in trucks and SUVs and these vehicle’s ever-improving levels of fuel efficiency. One of the cars surviving the chopping block is the iconic Mustang. Even with these cuts, Ford is still a consumer product company that depends on new products in order to grow. So, combining the strategies of fewer passenger cars with growing sports utility vehicle purchases, the innovative minds at Ford had what feels like their peanut butter cup moment. 

But instead of chocolate accidently falling into the peanut butter, the new vehicle will combine the automotive flavors of the Mustang and Explorer. And just to make it even more unique, the speculated vehicle will utilize a completely electric drivetrain. 

While Ford is remaining fairly secretive about the details, and sister site took some liberties when a Ford exec speculated on the possibilities of a four-door Mustang SUV by providing their own rendering of the vehicle. Unfortunately their interpretation, albeit a very interesting one, is simply that. But here are some things we do know. 

While initially dubbed the Mach 1, that name has been scratched after Mustang enthusiasts took offense to lending that nameplate to anything but a true Pony. Right now it looks like the mystery vehicle is going by CX430. 

Ford has confirmed that a new, performance-focused electric utility vehicle is being planned for 2020 and shooting for a range of over 300 miles between charges. It will also be front-wheel drive and utilize hatchback-like features. 

Ford is striving to launch 16 new electric vehicles by 2022.

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