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Massive Mars Simulation Will Be Built in the Desert

This 1.9 million sq-ft facility will simulate a Martian colony.

The reality of life on Mars might be closer than you think – though you wouldn’t yet find it on the red planet, rather, on a patch of sand in the middle of the desert.

Business Insider is reporting that the same architects who brought us Hyperloop One and Two World Trade Center appear to be developing a city in the United Arab Emirates that intends to simulate a colony on Mars, complete with 1.9 million square feet of settings said to be both realistic and viable.

“Mars Science City” is so far only a design – and it’s unclear when construction would begin – but the end goal is for astronauts to live in the simulated environment to help them understand how the real Mars might be colonized down the road. The walls of Mars Science City will be 3D printed, with a ceiling that can block solar radiation, which is said to be more intense on Mars than earth.

The prospective city should include a greenhouse so experiments can be conducted around agriculture. In addition, on-site labs will support research into attaining water, storing food and generating energy.

And for those of us without any know-how in aeronautics or Martian agriculture, the compound will include a museum for interests that are more observational in nature. The UAE hopes to be at the forefront of developing a viable living space for Mars within the next century.

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