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Aeros Seeks Site for Manufacturing Zero-Emission Electric Cargo Airship

The airship can deliver and pick up cargo without landing.

Aeros Corps.

Airship manufacturer Aeros Corps. initiated the site selection process for a new manufacturing and assembly facility to produce its zero-emission electric variable buoyancy cargo airships (eVBA). The company issued a Request for Information to identify potential locations and stated it would seek partnerships with states and communities capable of hosting the facility, with the potential for expansion up to 200 acres.

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The company expects its zero-emission eVBA airships to reduce the carbon footprint associated with global logistics. According to Aeros, the airship is capable of vertical take-off and landing and can deliver and pick up cargo without landing.

The facility is expected to generate thousands of high-paying jobs in the cleantech aviation and aerospace manufacturing sector, with projected capital expenditures exceeding $2 billion over the next 14 years.

This development follows the opening of Aeros' engineering and corporate facility in Los Angeles last June. The site serves as a hub for Aeros’ research, development, design, manufacturing and operational activities. It features laboratories, advanced research and development areas, modern conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

Aeros envisions its airships replacing the current infrastructure that depends on hub-spoke transportation with adaptable handoff touchpoints, reducing shipping time and cost by orders and eliminating millions of tons of greenhouse gasses.

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