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World’s Largest VCI Film Plant Increasing Capacity with New Extrusion Line

The equipment will allow CAF to dramatically increase the production volumes of co-extruded films.

Caf Plant
Cortec Advanced Films

Cortec Advanced Films (CAF) announced an investment for a new state-of-the-art co-extrusion line at its Cambridge, Minnesota, plant. The new multimillion-dollar line, E23, is expected to benefit both customers and employees as CAF expands its portfolio of specialty film and bag products.

Technology Upgrade

The new equipment will allow CAF to dramatically increase the production volumes of co-extruded films and will give workers the agility to change tolerances with the touch of a button.

The previous co-extruder required manual adjustment and could only run at approximately 60% of the new extruder capacity. This improvement will greatly increase efficiency for both specialty films and any standard VpCI product CAF may eventually choose to run on the equipment.

E23 can extrude tubing up to 75 inches (190.5 cm) wide and sheeting up to 150 inches (381 cm) wide. CAF hopes to replicate the efficiency and greater control of the new technology by adding additional co-extrusion lines in the future.

CafCortec Advanced Films

Benefits of Co-Extrusion

Although E23 can be used to make any type of Cortec film, it is especially tailored to production of specialty films such as Cor-Pak VpCI Stretch Film, Eco Wrap (certified industrially compostable stretch wrap) and EcoSonic VpCI-125 HP Permanent ESD Films (dual corrosion + ESD protection).

Each of these requires special resins that go in different film layers for better performance and/or cost-effectiveness of the final product. Certain characteristics also make E23 preferred for extruding CAF’s VpCI-126 Top-Seal Bags with zipper closures for corrosion protection in WIP (work in process) cycle applications.

Increased Capacity, Increased Morale

According to Cortec CEO and Founder, Boris Miksic, this upgrade will result in “increasing capacity . . . to 40 million pounds of top quality patented VpCI and compostable films and bags [at] the world’s largest VCI films plant fully integrated with its own compounding, extrusion, printing, converting and 24/7 quality control laboratory.”

Caf2Cortec Advanced Films

Look for Line E23 Products Soon

Those that order the specialty films mentioned above can expect to see products coming off the new E23 co-extrusion line very soon, as CAF launches production on E23 this December.

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