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Raytheon Awarded $400M to Deliver Smart Weapons to the Air Force

StormBreaker is an air-to-surface, network enabled weapon that can engage moving targets.

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The U.S. Air Force has given Raytheon a $400 million contract to make more than 1,500 StormBreaker smart weapons. The deal follows a similar arrangement from earlier this year.

StormBreaker is an air-to-surface, connected missile featuring a multi-effects warhead and tri-mode seeker. The company said the technology allows the StormBreaker to engage moving targets in all types of weather.

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"Fielded on two platforms with testing underway for others, StormBreaker has solidified its place as the leading network enabled weapon across the Department of Defense," said Paul Ferraro, president of Air Power at Raytheon, in a statement. "With this contract, we'll continue to evolve StormBreaker's production to meet the needs of service members for years to come."

In November, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet became the first Navy aircraft approved to carry StormBreaker. The company said the weapon is currently fielded on the F-15E Strike Eagle as well. It’s currently testing the weapon for all variants of the F-35.

Last year, the StormBreaker completed 28 test drops across all available platforms.

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