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Stanley Black & Decker Facility Getting Advanced Waste Heat Generation Solution

The Heat Recovery Waste Heat Generator will convert wasted heat to clean electricity.

Stanley Black & Decker
Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker (B&D) has reached an agreement with Clean Energy Technologies Inc. (CETY) and RPG Energy Group Inc. (RPG) to design, build and install a Clean Cycle waste heat recovery system at B&D's facility in Martin, Tennessee.

CETY will install a Heat Recovery Waste Heat Generator at the facility to convert its wasted heat to clean electricity. The generator will extract heat from the burn off furnace by inserting itself between the generation source and converts a portion of this rejected heat to electricity.

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The waste heat solution captures heat that is otherwise vented into the atmosphere and converts it into electricity to be used at the Martin, Tennessee, facility. Applying this technology is expected to drive both CO2 reduction as well as operating efficiencies. This practice aligns with B&D's goal of advancing the application of innovation to decarbonize operations.

“Our Clean Cycle ORC will bring environmental and sustainable benefits to Stanley Black & Decker’s facility," CETY CEO Kam Mahdi said. "This joint venture with RPG Energy & Stanley Black & Decker will significantly enhance the scalability of our heat recovery solutions. The investment tax credit also offers our customers increased incentive to implement waste heat generators and other forms of energy recovery solutions."

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