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Autonomous Submarine Maker Tapped to Survey Floating Wind Farm Site

The project is set to commence in February 2024.

Ocean Infinity Auv
Ocean Infinity

Ocean Infinity, a company creating and using robotic technology to transform operations at sea, has announced the signing of a contract with Equinor Wind US LLC for one of the first-ever floating offshore windfarms on the US West Coast. This agreement solidifies Ocean Infinity's position as the leading provider of innovative survey solutions and underscores its commitment to advancing sustainable energy initiatives.

Under the terms of this contract, Ocean Infinity will undertake a comprehensive site investigation survey using multiple AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) simultaneously for Equinor's floating offshore wind lease area (OCS-P 0563)

The project is set to commence in February 2024 and signifies an important leap forward in the nation's renewable energy landscape.

The survey scope encompasses a range of vital offshore surveys. These data acquisitions are integral components for Equinor to mature their design basis as well as inform the Site Assessment Plan (SAP) and Construction and Operations Plan (COP) for the OCS-P 0563 lease area. Ocean Infinity's high quality data sets will facilitate informed decision-making and meticulous planning for the construction and operational phases.

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