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NTSB Commends FCC's Vehicle-to-Everything Waiver

This could help get lifesaving V2X technology on roads sooner.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently granted a waiver to allow two states, three automakers and nine technology suppliers to begin deployment of vehicle-to-everything, or V2X, technology across U.S. roads and highways. The NTSB supported the waiver.

"The best way to reduce the incomprehensible and unacceptable death toll on U.S. roads — nearly 43,000 lives lost last year alone — is to prevent crashes before they occur. That’s why, for nearly three decades, the NTSB has advocated for collision-avoidance and connected-vehicle technologies that rely on radio spectrum made available by the FCC," said NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy. "We applaud the FCC for granting the waiver for C-V2X development, which newly empowers auto manufacturers, infrastructure owner-operators, and others to get this lifesaving technology onto our roads sooner."

The joint waiver was requested by Audi of America, Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, the Utah Department of Transportation, the Virginia Department of Transportation, AAEON Technology, Advantech, Applied Information, Cohda Wireless, Commsignia, Danlaw, Harman International Industries, Kapsch TrafficCom USA and Panasonic Corporation of North America.

V2X technology relies on direct communication between vehicles, and between vehicles, infrastructure, and other road users such as motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians, to prevent crashes.

The NTSB has a long history of advocating for V2X technologies, starting in 1995, when it asked the FCC to allocate a dedicated spectrum for transportation safety applications.

“This is a significant step forward. V2X is one of the most promising lifesaving technologies available today, and these waivers allow state DOTs and automakers to continue development, begin deployment and, finally, begin achieving that safety promise,” said NTSB Member Michael Graham. “I also encourage the Department of Transportation and NHTSA to further support the nationwide deployment of this lifesaving technology.”

In addition to providing comments in support of the waiver, the NTSB has recommended that the FCC take action to protect V2X technology from interference from harmful devices.

It has also asked the Department of Transportation to develop a plan for nationwide deployment of V2X technology and resolve the current roadblocks to its deployment.

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