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Lawmakers Consider Banning 3D Guns in R.I.

The measure would make it illegal to manufacture any firearm made from plastic, fiberglass or through a 3D-printing process.

A 3D-printed gun.
A 3D-printed gun.
AP Photo

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) โ€” A Rhode Island bill that would ban 3D guns is being considered by lawmakers.

The measure would make it illegal for anyone in Rhode Island to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer or receive any firearm that is made from plastic, fiberglass or through a 3D-printing process.

The proposal was scheduled to come up before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday after getting unanimous approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday night.

The guns, also referred to as โ€œghost guns,โ€ are especially dangerous because they can pass through metal detectors and be obtained by people who wouldn't otherwise pass background checks, supporters have argued.

Critics of the bill contend that the ban is unnecessary and that existing laws tackle undetectable firearms.

Lawmakers are also looking at two other gun-related bills that were sparked, at least in part, by a December shooting in Westerly.

One would require gun sellers to send applications filled out by buyers to the hometown police department of the purchaser, a measure that was proposed by Attorney General Peter Neronha.

Another bill focuses on setting up a statewide computer system to allow law enforcement easier access to records from different areas.

In December, a gunman who killed one person and injured two in Westerly was known by local police, but not to the department in Richmond, where he purchased the gun days before the shooting. Authorities said the shooter, Joseph Giachello, who turned the gun on himself, also lied on his application that was sent to the Richmond Police Department, stating he had never been treated or confined for mental illness.

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