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New Rules Pave Way for Three-Wheeled Autocycles

It's more than a motorcycle and less than a car. It's the autocycle.

The P5 Autocycle from Elio Motors.
The P5 Autocycle from Elio Motors.
Elio Motors

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Island has recently joined dozens of other states in enacting new rules classifying the autocycle and allowing drivers to operate one without a motorcycle license or endorsement. Maryland also has new rules that it's publicizing Monday.

Autocycles have three wheels —typically, two in the back and one in the front. They also have steering wheels, foot pedals and are sometimes enclosed.

Manufacturers have spent years lobbying states to legalize the vehicles and distinguish them from motorcycles so it's easier for consumers to get one. They've also pushed to exempt riders of hard-topped autocycles from having to wear a helmet.

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