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3 Factors That Affect Glass Prices

These are the three major factors that affect the overall price of glass products.

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Here at Swift Glass, we often field inquiries regarding the price of glass — why it costs what it does, what individual factors contribute to its price, and how to ensure you receive the best possible quote.

Below, I'll outline the three major factors that affect the overall price of glass products.


Thanks to various advances in manufacturing technologies, glass can now be made in virtually any shape — from standard squares and circles to complex irregular, organic, and geometric shapes.

Various processes, including drilling, waterjet cutting, and CNC machining, can be used to achieve customized shapes for specific applications and needs. Overall glass price will vary depending on the shaping method; the more complex the glass shape, the more sophisticated the manufacturing method, the higher the cost.


Glass can be made with various types of edgework; as with shape, the complexity of the edgework required will affect product costs.

Virtually all glass requires simple cuts, the most basic edgework; this will minimally affect prices. Slightly more complex edgework, like cut and swipe — in which “swipe” refers to a very slight bevel — will result in modest price increases. Very complex edge grinding, which may include custom or special bevels, can significantly increase glass prices.

Strengthening & Tempering

After parts are cut, strengthening and tempering may be required, both of which increase prices. Strengthening is often needed for glass that will be used in harsh or rigorous applications involving pressure stresses, extreme heat, or chemicals.

While chemical strengthening is ideal for glass that will need to withstand wind load and thermal stress, thermal tempering is best suited for glass that will face high heat, high pressure, or explosive environments.

For more information about other factors that affect glass pricing, you can download “What Affects the Price of My Glass Part?

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