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Porsche Workers Pocket $11K Bonuses

Last year was 'extremely challenging' for the car maker and 'stretched [the] team to the limits.'

Porsche had a successful 2018 and as a result, the workers are getting a pretty sweet reward.

According to the company, Porsche:

  • Increased deliveries by 4% to 256,255 cars;
  • Improved revenue by 10% to USD$29.2 billion; and
  • Boosted operating profit 4% to USD$4.87 billion.

To meet growing demand, the elite car maker increased personnel by 9%, bringing the ranks to about 32,325 employees.

As a result of the record year, about 3/4 three-quarters of the workers (about 24,000) will receive a substantial bonus, the equivalent to about USD$11,000 ($10,973.65).

Each bonus depends on individual working hours as well as years of service with the company.

In a statement, Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, said "2018 was extremely challenging, and stretched our team to the limits at times. Despite this, we were still able to exceed the previous year’s excellent figures for revenue, profit and deliveries."

About $10,189.57 will be paid as a performance bonus and $792.52 will be paid as a special contribution to pensions.

According to a report from The Drive, the bonus is applicable to “every qualifying employee ranging from cleaning staff and receptionists all the way to the top brass.” 

Bonuses for 2019 might be a bit trickier as Porsche has confirmed that 37 new vehicles went down in the fiery wreck off the French Atlantic coast two weeks ago. This includes four 911 GT2 RS models which alone account for at least a $1.2 million loss that has also forced the company to go back into production in Germany to replace the rare models.

Maybe stash some of that bonus until next year.

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