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Workers Destroy Machines, Threaten to Blow Up Factory

On Thursday, workers booby trapped the factory after failing to broker a deal that would keep the plant operational.

When workers in the U.S. have a grievance, it’s not uncommon to see a strike and some picket lines before the parties either reach an agreement, or they don’t. But just like it’s not uncommon, it’s also not common. It just doesn’t happen that often anymore and it sure doesn’t happen as aggressively as what’s going on right now at a factory in France.

Aljazeera is reporting that workers at GM&S auto-suppliers plant in central France are playing hardball. The factory is a supplier to Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroen and slipping orders have apparently put its future – along with 279 jobs – in jeopardy.

According to the report, the factory had been trying for weeks to get a commitment for new orders from its large automotive customers. Even the government has been involved in trying to broker a deal, but the talks failed and a worker union rep told news agency AFP that they refused to be given the runaround even one minute longer.

On Thursday, workers booby trapped the factory with gas canisters and even sawed a machine in half with a blow torch. According to an English language media outlet in France called The Local, the workers said they will trash a machine each day until their demands are met.

Additionally, Twitter images show gas canisters strung on a massive liquid air tank, along with the words "we are going to blow everything up."

At this point, workers want freshly sworn-in French president Emmanuel Macron to intervene and take up the case.

I’m Anna Wells, and this is IEN Now.

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