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Video Debuts Trim-Lok Hinged Screw Cap Cover with Dual Functionality

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A still featured in the video presentation.
A still featured in the video presentation.

Trim‐Lok, a provider of extruded plastic and rubber solutions, unveiled the Hinged Screw Cap Cover in a video presentation.

The Hinged Screw Cap Cover Parts come in multiple sizes and profiles, with the main variants being the belt rail trim and corner trim. What sets these parts apart is Trim‐Lok's ability to consolidate multiple components into one single plastic extruded profile.

Unlike traditional aluminum belt rails with inserts, which require separate base pieces, sealants and vinyl cover inserts, Trim‐Lok integrates all these functions into a single part to streamline the installation process with an all‐plastic, one‐piece design. 

The belt rail screw cap cover serves a dual purpose, also acting as a wire chase for smaller gauge 12V wires. By attaching it to the wall and running wires through the channel, users can discreetly conceal wiring in plain sight, eliminating the need for complex wall installations. 

To watch the Screw Cap Cover video and learn more about our extensive range of trim and seal solutions, scan the QR code.


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