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Precision Toolmaker First Winner in ANCA’s Inaugural Female Machinist Award

Risse completed an apprenticeship as a precision tool mechanic immediately after high school.

Lena Risse Wins Anca Female Machinist Award 2023

As part of their esteemed Tool of the Year event, ANCA introduced a new category for Female Machinists. A panel of experienced professionals evaluated submissions using the following criteria:

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills to overcome challenges or obstacles during projects
  • Innovative and effective tool design
  • Demonstrated ability to think critically and find innovative solutions.

Female Machinist Award

Winner: Lena Risse, Precision Toolmaker at Risse Tool Technology GmbH

Risse has completed an apprenticeship as a precision tool mechanic immediately after her high school graduation and is pursuing her master's degree. She is particularly interested in the optimization of production processes and hopes to inspire more women to enter precision tool manufacturing. 

"I think it's very important to give women a stage in our industry," Risse said. "Of course, it’s great to win this competition, but I am also grateful that this platform now exists. I enjoy showing with my work that not only men can grind top tools, but in some situations it’s women who find the better solutions."

Second place: Christina Diamantidis, Tool Grinder CNC, Fraisa GmbH

Diamantidis has been working at Fraisa GmbH for 13 years with a total of 18 years of experience in the industry. Diamantidis is currently involved in a project in collaboration with a university, aiming to optimize the re-tooling process through digitization and the use of artificial intelligence. This approach underscores the growing recognition of AI in this industry and its significant role in the future. 

Third place: Kajal Bharat Padwal, Senior Production Engineer at Hrithik Tools PVT LTD 

Padwal has been working at Hrithik Tools PVT LTD for six years, specializing in operating ANCA machines. One project Padwal delivered was to create superior wear resistance and extend tool life where she worked closely with abrasive manufacturers to develop specialized grinding wheels for high-speed steel tool grinding. 

Fourth place: Ellen Robson, Renovo Solutions 

Robson is a grinder from the northeast of England with great enthusiasm and passion. She dedicates herself to crafting cutting tools and has accumulated four years of experience in this field. She sees herself as a role model for other female grinders.

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