Chicago-Based Business Takes Its Cloud Manufacturing Operations Beyond Midwest

Fractory will begin offering its automated manufacturing procurement service coast to coast.

Fractory Us At Imts

Cloud manufacturing company, Fractory, one of Estonia’s famed high-growth startup businesses, is continuing to expand across the U.S. 

Fractory entered the U.S. market earlier in the year with a base in Chicago. With its supplier network growing across the country, it will begin offering its automated manufacturing procurement service coast to coast October 1.   

Fractory is an automated on-demand manufacturing platform connecting engineers and manufacturing companies. It also provides access to manufacturing processes online, including laser, sheet and tube cutting, metal bending, surface treatment and CNC machining. 

In June, Fractory was issued with a $4 million venture debt facility from Kreos Capital, an investor which specializes in high-growth companies. Fractory had earlier raised $9 million in Series A funding in 2021, before beginning its operations in Chicago and across the Midwest.

Fractory has been trading since 2017 and was founded by mechanical engineer-turned entrepreneur Martin Vares along with Joosep Merelaht (COO) and Rein Torm (CTO).

Fractory connects engineering companies to production capacity online, providing instant access to manufacturing processes - including laser, sheet and tube cutting and CNC machining. It improves efficiency, accessibility and quality. Through its cloud-manufacturing platform which enables access to market availability for fabrication services, Fractory makes manufacturing more sustainable.

Since inception, Fractory has demonstrated average annual growth of 300% and employee number growth of 250%.

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