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Live Today: Rich Reiff on Real World ROI

Reiff has witnessed several significant shifts that have reshaped the media landscape.


Today at 5:05 pm CST, Industrial Media Partner Richard Reiff will join the "Faces of Business" podcast to discuss "Real World ROI of B2B Media Done Right."

Industrial Media Partner Richard Reiff.Industrial Media Partner Richard Reiff.Reiff will share his experience from decades in the trenches of B2B media production.

B2B media can produce specific results for manufacturers, but many outside of the industry don’t fully understand the opportunity. 

Reiff has witnessed several significant shifts in B2B media that continue to reshape the media landscape. He will share several KPIs that business executives must understand in order to accurately gage the effectiveness of their B2B media efforts.

"We are fortunate to be talking with a legend in the B2B media industry and learning more about the ROI of B2B media done right," says podcast host Damon Pistulka. 

Watch it live here:

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