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Electric Sports Car Co. Selects Plant Location

The company expects to employ over 860 people by 2026.

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) โ€” A California company that plans to produce an electric sports car is planning to occupy a large facility west of Spokane.

Mullen Technologies of Brea, California, has signed a letter of intent with West Plains-Airport Area Public Development Authority to manufacture its electric sports car in the Spokane area.

Todd Coleman, executive director of the PDA, said Wednesday that initial operations are expected to create 55 jobs, and Mullen expects to employ over 860 people by 2026.

The company might also bring its lithium battery research and development to Spokane, which could increase the job count to roughly 3,000.

The development authority has agreed to build a facility totaling 1.3 million square feet and lease it to Mullen.

The company hopes to launch its Qiantu (chee-Ahn'-too) K50 car next year.

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