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Dual Lane Hand Pack Conveyor System Increases Productivity

The system is made up of four conveyor sections all joined by seamless transfers.

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Multi-Conveyor (Winneconne, WI) recently built a dual lane conveyor system with a center rail for a hand pack line. These mild steel constructed conveyors will transport individual trays that will be hand-packed into cases. The system is actually made up of four conveyor sections all joined by seamless transfers.

  • First is a straight running 24’ long conveyor that has two lanes with a center divider (rail) to keep the trays separated. Operators will load the trays onto the conveyor by hand.
  • The second section is a mere 3' long gapping conveyor with friction top plastic belting used to pull a gap at an elevation of 30” to the top of the conveyor.
  • A 9' long inclining conveyor was then incorporated, also using friction top plastic belting, to elevate the trays from 30” to 42” to raise the product at a desired hand-packing height for insertion of the trays into corrugated cases.
  • The final section is 20’ long plastic chain pack-table conveyor with a fixed end-stop along with two gravity roller conveyors - one on each side - running the full 20' length of the pack-table.

Combined, the system can run from 125 to 175 FPM, depending on section, at 60 hertz - all based on a product load of 2 lbs. per lineal foot of conveyor with the gravity roller conveyor taking on the full, multiple case load capacity.; 800-236-7960

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