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Two Accessories for Hydraulic Data Loggers

New additions include a portable particle counter and a new interface converter box to extend the capability of portable HPM data loggers.

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Webtec (Milwaukee, WI) has added two new accessories to its family of HPM hydraulic data loggers to allow users to easily measure oil particle contamination, oil moisture and temperature levels, as well as capture signals from pump solenoids, custom speed sensors and linear transducers.

The first new addition is the SR-ICM portable particle counter that can easily be connected into the hydraulic system via two pressure test points and used to display oil cleanliness and relative humidity and this data can easily be captured by the HPM hydraulic data logger. The new particle counter is ideal for test stand applications where the operator wants to demonstrate the oil cleanliness during a performance test and also to assist with preventative maintenance.

The second addition is the SR-VADC-700, a new interface converter box which will extend the capability of the portable HPM data loggers by accepting high voltage, high current and frequency inputs ideal for plotting pump flow or speed versus solenoid current or cylinder flow and pressure versus rod position.; 800-932-8378

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