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Camera Robotics Systems Enhance Exhibits at the Newseum

A camera robotics and control system from Telemetrics Inc. has been installed throughout the  Newseum in Washington, DC.  Open since April 11, 2008, the facility is billed as one of the most technologically advanced museums in the world, and is a showcase for today’s most advanced high definition television production systems.  With hands-on exhibits, theaters, and studios, the Newseum covers 500 years of news history and newsgathering capabilities.

As the technical center for the management of all aspects of the Newseum’s daily functions, the master control room is also expected to be a major visitor attraction. 

A large glass atrium allows visitors to watch all master control room operations – from live broadcasts to the workings of the Newseum’s IT protocol. A second control room runs the Newseum TV Studio, which will be used for public affairs and news by the major television networks.

Telemetrics’ Servo LP pan/tilt heads have been installed in the three main production areas of the Newseum: the Atrium, the Forum Theater, and the main Newseum TV Studio. The system also includes two Telemetrics weatherproof camera robotic systems, installed strategically on the rooftop of the Newseum for exterior shots of the Capitol. The cameras are controlled using Telemetrics’ versatile CPS-ST-S studio control system with thumbnail picture presets. Telemetrics desktop serial control panels are also installed in both control rooms.

Telemetrics’ CPS-ST-S camera control system provides flexible architecture for single-operator control of most devices from the broadcast industry’s leading manufacturers. The system employs a GUI for remote camera control and hardware interface. Joystick trim control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, and master pedestal is done via the Telemetrics CP-D3A desktop control panel.  For added flexibility and user convenience, the CPS-ST-S camera system features up to 160 presets in storyboard mode and up to 8,000 presets when organized by camera.  Multiple screen layouts facilitate ease of operation and a preset video switcher is available for still image capture and preview functions.

The camera robotic pan/tilt mechanisms installed at the museum include a combination of Telemetrics PT-LP-S3 Servo pan/tilt heads and accessories wall mounted in the Newseum’s Atrium and Forum Theater, and Telemetrics’ PT-HP-S2 Servo Pan/Tilt Heads mounted on tripods in the facility’s TV Studio.  The two rooftop camera robotics systems atop the Newseum include Telemetrics’ PT-LWP-S3 Weatherproof S3 Servo Pan/Tilt Heads and accessories.

All of the Telemetrics camera robotics systems are controlled via network connection over the Newseum’s IP infrastructure. Bidirectional control signals are transmitted over standard CAT5 structured cables, which run to and from each camera location and are routed to the Newseum’s two control rooms. In addition to its cost-effectiveness, the networked system configuration allows the Newseum to easily move and add camera systems anywhere a network connection is available.

“This is such an honor for us,” said Anthony Cuomo, vice president and general manager, Telemetrics, Inc.  “Our product portfolio offers a wide range of innovative and practical solutions and we’re proud to use that portfolio to help create the profile of the state of the broadcast industry with this exciting opportunity.” 

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