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Editor's Pick: Measure Voltage & Current Without Test Leads

Save time, minimize potential errors, and reduce the possibility of arc flash.

Troubleshooting electrical systems can be a time-consuming and potentially dangerous process because it requires access to metallic contact points. The new T6 Electrical Testers from Fluke make troubleshooting safer and more efficient because they allow electricians to take simultaneous voltage and current measurements without test leads.

The T6 testers now make it possible to take reliable true-rms measurements in crowded junction boxes or along conductors with inaccessible end points, which saves time, minimizes potential errors, and reduces the possibility of arc flash.

With the Fluke T6-600 and T6-1000 testers, electricians can:

  • Measure voltage up to 1000V through the open fork without test leads or exposed conductors.
  • Simultaneously measure and display voltage and current up to 100.0 kΩ kiloohms.
  • Measure 4/0 aught wires up with current up to 200 A.

The T6 testers also include Fluke’s FieldSense Technology, which allows testers to give simultaneous, reliable voltage and current readings, not just simple go/no-go voltage detection.

For more information on the Fluke T6 Non-Contact Voltage Testers, visit:

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