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Potentiometer Operates with Torque Requirement of 0.003 Ncm

Suited for applications that require a rotary position sensor.

Novotechnik, U.S.

Novotechnik, U.S. (Southborough, M) announced the P2200 potentiometer that operates with a low torque requirement of 0.003 Ncm. This product is well-suited for applications that require a rotary position sensor yet could be affected by the force created from the sensor's torque.


  • Continuous 360° mechanical travel
  • Electrical range of 0 to 345°
  • Independent linearity of ±0.1%
  • Repeatability of ≤ 0.004°
  • Life of 100 million movements
  • Diameter of 27 mm
  • Servo size 11
  • Nominal resistance - 5 kΩ
  • Shaft has a screwdriver slot and is marked

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