Speed, Flexibility and Ease of Use for Roughness Measurement

Mahr Sized

Mahr Inc. (Providence, RI) has announced the addition of the MarSurf GD series for roughness measurements to its new line of surface measuring instruments. MarSurf GD series measuring stations provide unprecedented levels of speed, flexibility and intelligent ease of use, allowing users to improve the manufacturing quality of workpieces with faster throughput and higher accuracy for the broadest range of applications. The new MarSurf GD series enable profile and waviness evaluations to be carried out in addition to surface roughness evaluations. The MarSurf GD series also offers the ultimate flexibility with available sizes of 140mm and an industry-first 280mm. The 280mm measuring station allows for the measurement of applications that were previously impossible, including larger parts or a series of smaller parts staged together—all on the same machine.

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