Precision Laser Sensors Detect Dark, Transparent Objects


According to Balluff (Florence, KY) its newest precision laser sensors guarantee precise positioning of small parts, as well as dark, transparent or complex-shaped objects. Their background evaluation mode makes them an ideal choice for detecting highly reflective or shiny parts. And their intelligent ambient light suppression function allows them to reliably filter out interference and ambient light. These high-precision laser sensors’ different detection and processing modes enable reliable detection of complex-shaped objects. While their enhanced background suppression capability allows them to detect and measure dark and transparent objects, such as plastic film or products. Key features include:

  • Various measuring modes (dark measurement, multiple measurement, transparent object detection mode).
  • Enhanced detection of dark and transparent objects.
  • Selectable detection modes: background suppression or background evaluation.
  • Extremely precise object detection, even in challenging environments.
  • Intelligent data pre-processing in the sensor, and IO-Link capabilities. 

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