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Low-Cost, Variable-Flow Peristaltic Pump

It offers self-priming, run-dry, reversible, fluid-only-in-tubing benefits.


APT Instruments (Elkhorn, NE) offers a compact pump that provides variable-flow and exceptional life performance in a small attractive package. Enjoy the self-priming, run-dry, reversible, fluid-only-in-tubing benefits of a peristaltic pump in your fluid transfer or metering application. Features include:

  • Flow rates available up to 320 ml/min (5.07 gph) with a choice of motor speeds and tubing sizes.
  • A wide range of tubing material selections for sterile operation, general purpose transfer or chemical handling.
  • A splash-resistant housing that mounts easily on the wall or on the bench.
  • Manual and remote-control options.; 877-324-5444

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