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Solid Carbide Drill for Performance in Aluminum Holemaking

The Walter DC166 Supreme drill features a new innovative thinner web.


The new DC166 Supreme solid carbide drill from Walter (Greer, SC) has been specially developed for machining aluminum and other ISO N workpiece group materials, such as copper, brass and bronze. The drill with internal coolant features optimized point geometry creating a “coolant pocket” that provides more space for coolant flow resulting in better chip evacuation. In addition, the patent-pending web design results in sharper cutting action that prevents built-up edge and enhances chip removal. Specifically:

  • All the key surfaces on the drill — flutes, land and flank faces — are polished. Polishing reduces friction and prevents adhesion (built up edge) when drilling highly gummy material, which extends tool life and increases process reliability and hole quality.
  • The advanced drill design facilitates exceptionally high cutting speeds in conjunction with exceptional holemaking quality, particularly regarding hole roundness and the quality of the surface finish.

The carbide drill can be used with emulsion, oil and minimum quantity lubrication (MQL).

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