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Single-Core ÖLFLEX Cables for Extreme Temperatures

The cables are well-suited for space and weight-constrained applications in multiple industries.

Lapp Pr Graphic 080222 3x5in 300dpi

LAPP (Florham Park, NJ) introduced the ÖLFLEX HEAT 260 SC heat-resistant single-core industrial cable for applications subject to extreme temperatures.

The ÖLFLEX HEAT 260 SC cable features polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) insulation to provide resistance to:

  • Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Solvents
  • Oils
  • Other chemicals
  • UV exposure

This construction allows ÖLFLEX HEAT 260 SC to resist cracks during frequent ambient temperature fluctuations while exhibiting a wide temperature range of -190°C to +260°C, with a UL/CSA rating of up to 200°C.

The cable also maintains high elasticity and tensile strength, with a minimum bending radius of 10x OD and a fixed installation bending radius of 4x OD. Flame retardance ratings include IEC and EN 60332-1-2, UL Horizontal Flame Test and CSA FT1. 

The silver-plated copper-stranded conductors come in 7-, 19- or 37-wire AWG sizes.

ÖLFLEX® Heat 260 SC single-core cables are well-suited for space and weight-constrained applications in:

  • Mining
  • Chemicals
  • Refineries
  • Metal fabrication

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