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Tower Light Provides Superior Visual and Audible Indication

Tower light delivers 14 customized indication possibilities and unique animations.

Tlf100 4 Segment Lm Pic
Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering (Minneapolis, MN) introduced two programmable tower light models that provide users with indication, advanced animations and numerous audible options.  

The TLF100 Pro with Pro Editor or IO-Link features:

  • Bright, multicolor RGB LEDs that enable customized indication possibilities, including color, flash, audible tones and light intensity.
  • Vast color and animation capabilities that provide users with an almost limitless range of display options to communicate almost any condition.
  • Daylight Visible models that provide intense levels of light output for areas with high ambient light.

Facilities can use Banner Engineering’s free Pro Editor software suite to change:

  • wiring inputs
  • intensity control
  • unique animations
  • Choose from 12 unique audible tones and three levels of audible intensity.

Both device types offer advanced functions to convey:

  • time
  • count
  • level and distance information

Select variations of the TLF100 Pro come equipped with a configurable, multitone sealed audible alarm.

With IO-Link, customization of tones allows for limitless control of audible capability, including frequencies, patterns and intensities.

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