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Mayhew Introduces New Hollow Nutdrivers

The heavy duty Nutdrivers are available in both standard and metric sizes individually or as a set.

Mayhew Tools

Mayhew Tools (Turners Falls, MA) announced the new Hollow Nutdrivers. The new drivers, available in both standard and metric sizes, are ideal for a wide variety of applications where tightening or loosening of nuts and bolts is needed.


  • Each blade is fully CNC machined from solid steel shaft using advanced broaching techniques
  • Each blade has full 3-inch bolt recess and flats along blade which can be engaged by box wrench for additional torque
  • Each Nutdriver features ergonomic acetate trilobe handle for grip strength and comfort for torque transfer and performance

The sets feature a combination of the most popular Nutdriver sizes and are packaged in a storage tray that fits most toolbox drawers. The new sets available are as follows:

7-Piece SAE Hollow Nutdriver Set (Part No. 27051ST)

  • Hollow Nutdriver 3/16” x 3” (Part No. 27501
  • Hollow Nutdriver 1/4” x 3” (Part No. 27503)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 5/16” x 3” (Part No. 27505)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 11/32” x 3” (Part No. 27506)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 3/8” x 3” (Part No. 27507)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 7/16” x 3-1/2” (Part No. 27508)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 1/2” x 3-1/2” (Part No. 27509)

7-Piece Metric Hollow Nutdriver Set (Part No. 27051MT)

  • Hollow Nutdriver 5.5mm x 3” (Part No. 27523)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 6mm x 3” (Part No. 27524)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 7mm x 3” (Part No. 27525)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 8mm x 3” (Part No. 27526)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 10mm x 3” (Part No. 27528)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 11mm x 3-1/2” (Part No. 27529)
  • Hollow Nutdriver 13mm x 3-1/2” (Part No. 27531)
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