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ETG and HSX Steels Enable High-Performance Applications

The steels reduce machining times while extending tool life.

Swiss Steel Group (SSG)

Swiss Steel Group (SSG) (Lucerne, Switzerland) announced the steel grades of the ETG and HSX family, which enable high-performance applications. The ETG and HSX steels, produced by SSG subsidiary Steeltec, reduce machining times while extending tool life.


  • Does not require operations such as quenching and tempering and subsequent operations such as straightening, grinding and deburring, as desired mechanical properties are already available as supplied
  • Available in Green Steel quality
  • High tensile strengths and yield strengths that are in range of quenched and tempered steels
  • Enable high cutting speeds
  • Low residual stresses
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Short-breaking chips
  • Additional heat treatment not necessary
  • Machinability with high strengths
  • Shorter cycle times in part production
  • Longer tool life is longer
  • Minimal scrap after machining

HSXHSXSwiss Steel Group (SSG)

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