Gigabit Fiber-to-Ethernet Media Converters for Long Distance, High Bandwidth Connectivity

The converters serve as Power Sourcing Equipment capable of delivering 90W to PoE-complaint devices.

Antaira Technologies

Antaira Technologies (Brea, CA) introduced its IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-T and IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-24-T Gigabit single-port media converters with IEEE 802.3bt 90W PoE++.

Both converters give network administrators the means to interconnect long-distance fiber networks to copper-based 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet with minimum cost and complexity.

Both the IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-T and IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-24-T:

  • Serve as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) capable of delivering 90W to PoE-complaint devices.
  • Extend LAN cabling distances using SFPs selectable to meet application requirements for the fiber network. 
  • Feature an IP30 rated metal enclosure.
  • Feature an extended operating temperature range of -40° to 75° C (-40 to 167° F).

Identical in design, the IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-24-T differs from the IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-T in that it features 12~55VDC power input, while the IMP-C1000-SFP-bt-T supports 48-55VDC.

The devices are compact so that they conserve space on a DIN-Rail inside the communications cabinet.

The converters are two of the first Antaira devices to offer the company's patented Power Remote Reset Technology (PRRT). The PRRT function allows the user to reboot the media converter’s PoE port to power cycle a remote unresponsive powered device (PD) from the nearby switch.

PRRT is designed to save time by allowing the user to reboot an edge device without needing to travel to the remote site.

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