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Adaptable E-Stops Have Minimal Behind-Panel Depth

The behind-panel depth is18 mm (max) to suite compact control panels.

Functional and customizable Series 84 E-Stops from EAO.
Functional and customizable Series 84 E-Stops from EAO.

EAO (Shelton, CT) has announced the functional and customizable Series 84 E-Stops. With a behind-panel depth of 18 mm (max), these components are suitable for newer electronic applications with compact control panels. Additional features include:

  • Single “mono-block” construction.
  • A twist-to-release actuator.
  • A mechanical life that exceeds 250,000 operations.
  • LED illumination for visibility from the front and the side.
  • Meet IP65 and ISO 13850 requirements.
  • Rated at 3A 120VAC and 1.5A 240VAC.
  • Options include gold contacts, quick-connect/solder printed circuit board terminals, and ribbon cable terminals.

For more information, visit; or call  203-951-4600.   

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